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Lone Birch Tree

The Story of the Lone Birch.

The story starts in 1886 when Jonathan Ackerson, age 21, arrived in Grant County, Minnesota with his adult brothers.

Jonathan was born in 1865 near Waconia, Minnesota, his mother died when he was 7, and his father remarried in 1878. The family moved to Grove City, Minnesota, and his father died in 1883. In 1886, the brothers set out for Grant County in search of land.

Jonathan and his brother Joseph broke ground and homesteaded a half section near the Pomme de Terre river. Ultimately the brothers divided the land, and Jonathan farmed a quarter section. 

From 1890-1900, Jonathan planted 17,280 trees and 602 bushes. Among them was one lone birch tree. The name of the farm became Lone Birch Farm. 

The farm passed to Sherwin Ackerson and is now owned by one of Sherwin’s great grandsons.

The values of these pioneers where they helped neighbors break ground, build homes, plant crops, harvest crops, and care for each other in time of need still exist today and are the values we strive to emulate in Lone Birch Realty today.

Lone birch trees